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They are the easiest and most cost effective way to combine a Website with a SEO Solution.
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68% of our customers didn’t have a website before signing up with VS. Now they not only have a website solution, they have an SEO and local shopper solution — all for only $199/yr or $18/mo.
Order Your Storefront Today!

Storefronts Show Up in
Google Search
A Lot 1000 Times a Week With Better Results ,Honestly

In May 2023 Storefronts appeared nearly 5000 times a week as Google search restults.

18,900 Google Search Results in May 2023 featured Storefronts for local businesses like yours
18,900 Google Search Results in May 2023 featured Storefronts for local businesses like yours - over 300% growth since January

“Even for a business with a website, Virtual Storefronts is a value add-on to enhance your Web presence. This is an enhancement to increase your social identity with Google and other search engines. By utilizing the large volume of keywords and pooling together all other social profiles, a Virtual Storefront makes your footprint larger and more visible without having to spend large amounts of capital per month on keyword hits.”

Virtual Storefronts Logo Pennants

Effortless Online Marketing in 7 days

With a Storefront you never have to:

  • Renew a domain
  • Find a website host
  • Pay a website designer
  • Wait for someone to make corrections to your website again.

Simply Affordable For Every Shop

Our Customers Love Our Solution To The Problem Of Website Creation, Technical Maintenance & Search Engine Optimization

We have already turned down dozens of chain stores worth nearly $10,000 per year because Storefronts are reserved exclusively for non-chain local businesses and are available exclusively online at this website

Meet Your Storefront, As Easy To Edit As Your Personal Facebook Page

Features Of A Virtual Storefront

Keeps Your Costs Low And Your Impact High

"I find that Virtual Storefronts keeps my costs low. I don't have to pay for design. I don't have to pay for a website. For small places like this, it's key to keep costs down." ​

No Gotchas. No Hidden Costs. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

1. Request New Storefront

Nothing to build. Nothing to register. Your Ambassador customizes your Storefront for you in days for a low monthly rate. Order a Storefront in 5 minutes.

2. Pick Your Plan

Probably the first time your website budget can be covered with petty cash. Monthly subscribers add $50 setup fee or DIY setup at checkout.

3. Track Your Order

When your Ambassador is assigned to build your Storefront, you can request a tracking number and Track Your Order.

No Effort

Required To Keep A Storefront


10 Minute Self Setup Option


Includes Setup Or $18/mo With One Time $50 Setup


Far More Keyword Data Than Any Typical Local Shop Website

Claim Your Unique URL For Your Store – It Never Changes at

Up To 50 Keywords That Bring Shoppers To Your Shop From Our Local Search Engine (currently we are not limiting keywords)

Guaranteed One Year Renewal With Same URL

Hands-Free Ambassador Keyword Creation Included With Setup

Hands-Free Ambassador Storefront Setup Included With Setup

Hands-Free Storefront Preview Delivery For Approval by Text Message or Email (your choice)

Login Credentials For So You Can Instantly Edit Your Business Profile Anytime With Admin Console (easier than editing a Facebook Page)

View Business Profile Changes With Admin Console – 24/7/365 Editing Access

View Full Page Preview With Admin Console

Featured Items Section – Up To 5 Items Included

Highlights Blog Section – Up to 14 Photo and Text Items – Included

Customer Feedback Section – Up to 14 Photo and Text Items – Included

3 Posts Per Week To Your Town’s Live Feed – A Chronological Bulletin With No Comments To Respond To Includes  Local-Only Businesses and Organizations Within A 5 mile radius Of Your Town Center.

Any Shopper Account In The World (Free To The Public) Can Follow Your Storefront Feed In Their “My Custom” Feed

Hands-Free Automated Posting Can Post Evergreen Posts At The Same Time Every Week

Every Storefront Post Is Also Posted In The Nationwide Live Feed Launching in September 2023 On The Home Page Of

Membership to our Facebook Support Community Technology Without The Work

$50 Referrals Through September 2023 With A Possible Extension: Each Referral To Virtual Storefronts Receives $50 Cash

Contact or call or text (800) 559-7838 when you have questions or need help

We guarantee we make useful information available to Google, but we can’t guarantee Google will show it. For more information about what we promise to our customers, watch The Virtual Storefronts Promise on YouTube.

If you are not satisfied with the Storefront that is delivered to you within 30 days from date of purchase, you can request a full refund. 

Email: for refunds.

Subject line: Money Back Guarantee

Body: Please include the email address and name used at time of purchase and the name of the business as it appears on

Refunds via Stripe can take up to two weeks to complete.

Restaurants, Boutiques, Salons, Farmers Markets, Food Trucks, Art Galleries, Gift Shops, Sign Shops, Event Services, Mobile Services, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Marketers, Cleaning, Landscaping and all other Retail and Professional Services
Any locally-owned, non-major franchise (12 or less locations) business that maintains regular hours and serves the public in a local area is qualified to create, maintain and communicate with the public with a Storefront on 

Nonprofits, Arts Organizations, Veterans Organizations, Churches, Social Service Organizations, Food Cupboards, Chambers of Commerce and other Economic Development Organizations
All are qualified and can use the Local Feed to communicate with the public locally.

Local government officials, School Departments, High School Athletic and Activity Departments, Town Rec Departments, Mayors, Police and Emergency Services and Other Municipal Departments
All can host a Storefront and communicate directly with the public with their Storefront Feed. Municipal and county services please contact for bundled solutions for every department in your town and in some cases, complimentary Storefront packages as needed.

If you are uncertain if your business or organization qualifies, take this 4 question quiz on our website to determine if you are eligible for a Storefront. Storefronts are determined eligible at the sole discretion of Uspace, the company that builds Virtual Storefronts. Any Storefront that violates the Terms of Service or Live Feed publishing terms of service can be unpublished at the sole discretion of Upsace.

We wish we could include all business owners, but the purpose of Virtual Storefronts is to provide a powerful nationwide marketing solution for businesses without access to nationwide chain store or franchise marketing. You must be accepted to host a Virtual Storefront.  

From Jan 2023 to June 2023, started appearing from over 5,000 times per month to over 30,000 times per month. Google keeps coming back to us because our Merchant Ambassadors are creating high quality information about businesses Google has almost no information about – which means Google is crawling our Storefront pages to learn everything that is available locally.

Our content is all about unique local businesses. Chains aren’t for us. We have had to turn down a chain with dozens of locations worth about $10,000 a year in sales, because the space at is 100% reserved for non-chain locally owned businesses like yours.

Not sure you’re qualified? You can take the one minute “Are You Main Street” 4 Question Quiz to determine if you’re eligible before checking out. If you are not accepted to host a Storefront and continue with checkout, thank you for your interest! You will receive a full refund.

Every Virtual Storefront will be assigned a dedicated profile URL when it is created. 

Your Virtual Storefront is the ‘home base’ for your business information and profile on

You can request a specific URL like Otherwise we create a Storefront automatically. For example Cups and Cones Cafe has the URL

Custom, dedicated URLs will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Note: Your URL and the URL are not case sensitive. We use capitalization only for legibility and emphasis.

Every Storefront is created by a Merchant Ambassador who is assigned to build and deliver your Storefront in about 7 days. Your Merchant Ambassador is currently delivering your Storefront to you by text message or email (you choose at signup). While we strive for a “Time To Launch” of 7 days, higher sales volume may increase delivery times in the future.

Your Subscription begins when we take your order and begin working on your Storefront.

$50 Referrals Through September 2023 With A Possible Extension: Each Referral To Virtual Storefronts Receives $50 Cash

Affiliates can generate your own link and track referrals on our dashboard on our Affiliate Program Dashboard.

If you’re already on Facebook, you are invited to join our online Support Group at Technology Without The Work

Our payment provider Stripe is set up to email you a notification that your annual renewal is coming up at least 45 days before your card is charged including a reminder that you can cancel at that time. 

If you want to cancel at any time:

Please call (800) 559-7838 to make your request or email us:


Subject Line: Cancel Subscription

Body: Please include the name and email address you used to make your initial purchase. We will cancel your subscription within two weeks of receipt and you will not be billed for anything as soon as we receive your request.

Our office hours are from 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday, Eastern Time.

Call or text: (800) 559-7838