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Local Is A Language. Google Learns Local At

With Over 2000 Results Per Week For About 100 Businesses, Storefronts Doubled Impressions And Over Tripled Clicks From January to April 2023

January 2023 Official Google Console Search Results For
January 2023 Official Google Console Search Results For
April 2023 Official Google Console Search Results For
April 2023 Official Google Console Search Results For

Many Storefronts Are Showing Up In Google Search Results Hundreds Of Times A Month

Similar SEO marketing solutions like SEM Rush start at about $300 per month and require you to build and host your own website.

Storefronts Teach Google Everything About Your Business, You Do Nothing

#1 Local Handy Man In 1 Month

After we published Harrison Handyman on, a business with no web presence and no Google Business listing became the #1 Local Result on Google for “handyman services andrews nc”  in one month.

Woodworking Crafts At The Baker

Homespun Hobbies, a local bakery, is the #1 Google Search Result for “woodworking crafts andrews nc” because Virtual Storefronts taught Google they have woodworking crafts with our keywords. Local is a language. Google learns Local at

Ranking Your Current Website Higher

Jon Fleischer, Lead Designer at Digital Creations USA in Murphy, NC, builds websites for local businesses in Cherokee County and national businesses all over the country. Jon recommends a Virtual Storefront for all his website customers because,

“For businesses with a website, Virtual Storefronts is a value add on to enhance your Web presence. This is an enhancement to increase your social identity with Google and other search engines. By utilizing the large volume of keywords and pooling together all other social profiles, a Virtual Storefront makes your footprint larger and more visible without having to spend large amounts of capital per month on keyword hits.”

8 in 10

Merchants Purchase After Demo


Use Their Storefront As Website Solution


Dollars Stay Local At Our Shops Compared To Big Box


Savings Potential For Owners Using Virtual Storefronts

Virtual Storefronts Logo Pennants

Watch A Storefront Teach Google What Is Available To Local Shoppers

Watch How A Door Sticker Shows A Local Shopper What's At Your Store When You're Closed

Watch Registration To Completed Storefront In 5 Minutes

How To Make A Storefront:     1. Create Storefront     2. Pay $199 This Year    3. Pay $199 Next Year

By Working Together, Main Street Shops Like Yours Become A Massive Online Presence

Our Purpose Is To Connect Online Shoppers To Real-Life Shopping At Local Businesses

Local Shops Work Together To Be a Bigger Presence Online
By Working Together, America's Main Street Businesses Become A Huge Online Presence