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Virtual Storefronts: The Complete Local Marketing Solution Revolutionizing Main Street

Virtual Storefronts StorefrontConnect demo

What Makes Virtual Storefronts Better Than A Website?

Any business with or without a current website that wants:

1. To appear more often in Google Search by joining our online database of thousands of keywords that tell search engines what is inside local businesses like yours so Google can index your Storefront and tell local shoppers what you have

Paul Counts Search Result In Seattle Marketing Area

2. To market locally with a custom solution that requires no work at all after the 5 minute sign up at for $199 per year, including setup

3. To appear automatically with no work 3 times per week in a local-only “Hands-Free” feed for your local community and in a Nationwide live feed at

…and wants to pay less than $200 per year for all this service that replaces the need for a website or boosts their current website.

This is YOUR customer! And there are 20 million of them across the United States!

(…and that 20 million DOESN’T even include every single church, nonprofit, arts organization, veterans organization, and fraternal organization in the country!)

What’s In It For Your Audience?

The opportunity to get in early on the Lowest Cost, Least Effort and Highest Impact local marketing solution ever designed in the era of network technology. We are inventing the idea of a network built around the needs of our Merchant customers first. We require thousands of dollars and dozens of hours less than traditional website solutions with similar online marketing punch. Storefronts are more powerful than a website without the hassle of a website. We are leagues easier than even out of the box solutions like Wix, Squarespace, Square and others.

Who Is More Interested?

Business owners in their 20s and 30s who are more concerned with their work than their technology are the most natural fit for Virtual Storefronts. They understand the extensive benefits of a website presence and search marketing, but they also understand the benefit of NOT dealing with the administrative hassle and frustration that every website requires. They are most likely to understand and agree with the statement that “Google gave us a ridiculous job when it told Mom and Pop business owners we need to set up a website to be visible search engines.” These young entrepreneurs are a natural fit for buying a Storefront.