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Merchant News Digest 2022-Q1

February 24, 2022

Updates To Your Storefront

For the first time since Spring 2021, Storefronts are back in development and the improvements make your Storefront, and our Search Page, better than ever. Here’s a list of improvements:

Keyword Cloud Is On Top
Your Keyword Cloud is now at the very top – Your keywords tell any person, group or family everything they need to know to plan their trip. Your Storefront gives locals and tourists and anyone you send to your Storefront, the very best planning tool ever made for local shoppers because we work with you to get the very best information about your shop.

Every Part Of Your Listing Is Expanded By Default
Previously, shoppers had to open the > Carrot to see you Business Information. Now every part of your listing is expanded for easy viewing.

Easy Access Phone Number
Your Phone Number is bigger; right at the top of the map; and when the shopper taps it on any device, it will offer to dial your number automatically.

Map Directions Are Properly Zoomed In
Our map is showing exactly to scale to show shoppers where you are located and the fastest way to get there.

Search Term Stays In Search Bar When Results Show
Previously we had a system called ‘filters’ which was confusing. Now, when a shopper searches, the Search Term stays right in the Search Bar, just like everyone expects from search on Google and other search engines.

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