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Wefunder Investors Update

To Investors, Business Partners, Merchants, Family, Friends and Others Following Our Crowd Equity (Reg CF) Raise:

This is an informational email to everyone who is following the VS Crowd Equity (Reg CF) Raise at

Thank you for your investment reservation; your pending investment and your patience with this process, which is a bit technical.

Where We Are Now

In late July, we were on track to complete the raise (and trigger the completed payment) by adding a single $25,000 investment.

There was some miscommunication with my account representative at Wefunder and that did not happen.

We are currently about $21,000 shy of the $50,000 goal that is needed to complete the process.

What Happens Next

I am now looking to complete the raise with another larger investment that is completed on the Wefunder platform.

My new target for when completing our reservations is mid-September. 

Once we reach this goal you will be able to purchase the equity you have reserved.

Equity Is Still Available

In the meantime, anyone you know who is interested can still make a reservation for up to $2200 or more if they are a qualified investor.

If we push together and get 9 or 10  $2200 reservations now, we can reach the end of the Wefunder even faster.

We are gaining a lot of momentum and our total available market is huge, so I would say our equity is still a very good buy.

How You Can Manage Your Investment Right Now

If you have linked a bank account, you have probably already finished the transaction part so there is no transaction pending.

Thank you for completing that process.

Transacting Your Credit Card Reservation Early

If you have reserved using a Credit Card number, then the transaction is pending.

If you do nothing your card will be charged when you complete your purchase later.

However, you may want to “balance your books” at this point and finalize the transaction so it’s no longer pending.

I have been informed that you can complete your purchase now if you want to clear the transaction from your books by going to and providing bank account information to link a withdrawal.

Your funds will be held there. When the equity becomes available you can use those funds to purchase your equity.

Changing or Canceling Your Reservation

I have been informed you can also increase or decrease your investment amount, or cancel your reservation entirely by going to

Thank you

Please contact me by calling my cell number (below) or replying to this email with any questions.

This process has taken longer than expected and I appreciate your patience as we complete the raise.

Thank you for your pending investment and ongoing support!

Tobin Brogunier at Virtual Storefronts

PS. The State of Main Street Video Update 001 covers topics like Town Activity Feed release; Wefunder status (covered here); our expansion into neighboring counties; the search for an Executive Assistant.

The State of Main St. will be a regular feature, so if you want to be notified when I post a news update, I recommend you Subscribe to the VS channel on YouTube.

Attached: Town Activity Feed Mockup